Jonna + Design

Have I told you about my amazingly talented friend Jonna? Well, she’s amazingly talented!  You might recognize her as the main author of Jonna + Design, AnthroLove and GuysWhereAreWe.  She does some amazing work with all different kinds of medium (photoshop, fabric, watercolor).  If you haven’t seen some of her stuff then #1 you should check out her blog, #2 you should check out her portfolio, and #3 you should check out one of her new pieces below.

This is a watercolor that Jonna did of well, me.


The whole “top of the cherry” thing was something I said when she painted this.  What I meant to say was, “cherry on top.”  Eh, whatever.  Thanks Jonna.


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One Response to “Jonna + Design”

  1. Justine Says:

    I love this picture. It’s got so much personality. I think Jonna should draw all the Designer’s and put their pictures up in the Design Department.

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