Apartment Living

While Alex and I don’t live in our cozy little apartment anymore, we are living with a roomate in a small condo, so I think some of these guidelines for apartments can still apply.

Source: HGTV.com (paraphrased). Click Pictures for Image Source.

1. Curtain call! Why use those standard issue blinds?  put up some ceiling to floor curtains for a dramatic effect.


2. I can see clearly now. Put in a clear table top or clear chairs.  It gives the illusion of more space.  Not into that? Try white.  It’s clean and bright.


3. Light it up! Add a lot of light source.  It’s inviting.  But don’t stop there, put everything on a dimmer.  You can go from day to night club in a few seconds.


4. Slim Down. Keep the furniture to a comfortable size.  Oversized furniture in a small space creates a stuffy feeling for you and your guests.  A little trick?  Rooms that are furnished actualy look larger then rooms that aren’t.


5. Curvacious. Rooms can often be box-shaped.  Mix it up with a curvy chair, rug, or oddly shaped art piece.


6. Cut a rug! Adding a rug makes the space look larger, but contrast people.  If the floor is dark, got with a light rug and vice versa.


7.  Where are your priorities?  Get it straight peeps.  Think about the space you have and what you need.  Desk space? Reading Space? Where is it going to go? If you don’t want your desk in the dining room, compromise. Maybe a fold away bed will be just the trick.  Overall, make sure the space relfects you.


8. Layered Luxury.  Layers and lots of pillows can actually make a space seems airier while providing deepth.  Think a luxurious hotel room.


9. Stow Away.  Work the murphy bed if your space is over the top small.


10. Float it.  Sleek floating shelves can provide tons of storage space while looking clean and modern.  Is your space really small?  You still can find room for the desk and the bed? Float it!  Get a bunk and store your desk underneath.


Now, go get inspired!


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One Response to “Apartment Living”

  1. Full Size Says:

    Great ideas. It’s hard to make an apartment look like your own.

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