DIY: Table Runner

Thank you so much for the kind comments regarding the chairs… Today’s post is about scraps.  I have tons of scrap fabric lying around from all of my projects.  Scraps can be used for so many different things; scrapbooks, wrapping presents, ties back for curtains, napkins, patchwork.  Given the length of my scrap fabric and at the urging of my roommate I made a table runner.  If you’re interested in a scrap project or just a fun and easy project in general, try this out.

Here’s what you’ll need (you might not actually need all these scissors, but I just like to have them):


Step 1: Wrong side facing up fold your fabric to the desired width.  Remember to leave about an inch extra on each side.


Step 2: Begin to cut along the fold.


Step 3: Fold the finished piece in half and fold one edge back.  Press.


Step 4: Fold the other side back and press. 


Step 5: When unfolded the fabric should look like this:


Step 6: Cut off the triangles.  Keep them for “garnish” later.


Step 7: Cut a small (1 inch) slit into both ends.


Step 8:  Fold over all the edges about a half and inch.  Pin and press.


Step 9: Fold over the edges again, pin and press.


Step 10: Sew a 1/2 inch seam along both sides.  Removing the pins as you sew. Press again.


Step 11: Choose the placement and attach your coordinating buttons to both sides of the runner.


Step 12: Place your runner and set the table!  You’re done!


Remember those triangles?  Use them and garnish in your glasses, or fold them into napkins. 


Don’t mind my foot…


Now, go get inspired!


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5 Responses to “DIY: Table Runner”

  1. Economic Survival « bricka brack Says:

    […] bricka brack the nooks and crannies of life. « DIY: Table Runner […]

  2. Andrea Says:

    Lovely! Where do you find the time though!

  3. natlpz Says:


    Haha! It didn’t take that long actually. It probably took me just as long to write the post as it did you make the runner!

  4. Fiesta Tea Party « bricka brack Says:

    […] DIY, the Napkin Ring DIY & Table Numbers (see above picture).  I also made the napkins and table runners, but those are pretty self explanatory. In fact, I already made you a DIY for the table […]

  5. Hello Leelo! » Decor on a Budget Says:

    […] have a party this weekend but no money for the wrapping? Use that scrap fabric left over from the table runner you made or some old newspapers and make some new fun wrapping […]

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