DIY: Recovering Chairs

Happy Monday Readers!

Here’s a tutorial and a sneak peak at a little “before and after” from this weekend.  

Crisa and I found this awesome fabric at JOANN’s.  As you may notice, the seats are shaped rather oddly so we had to improvise with the foam, but overall, I think they turned out pretty well.  


DSC_0967DSC_0972What was really neat was that in the process of removing the foam we found these tags that date this chair back to the 1920’s!



DSC_0990DSC_0986What a fun, and pretty cheap way to revamp your old chairs. Here’s the how to:

Step 1 – Measure out the width of the seat, length, (desired) height of the seat, and number of chairs

Step 2 – Take your measurements to the nearest JOANN’s and pick our your fabric

Step 3 – Explain your project and leave it to the professionals to help you with the correct yardage.

Step 4 – Measure out and cut the foam (with a serrated knife)

Step 5 – OPTIONAL – we glued our foam to the seat

Step 6 – Lay out the fabric (wrong side up) and center the foam/seat over the pattern.

Step 7 – Depending on the height of your foam measure out the “circumference” of the fabric needed to cover the chair. Allow for about 3 inches extra for stapling

Step 8 – Cut out the fabric

Step 9 – Begin in one side, fold the fabric up and over the foam to the underside of the seat (the wrong side of the fabric and the bottom of the seat should be touching).

Step 10 – Pull taunt and place your first staple about 2 inches in from the edge

Step 11 – Go directly across from your first staple and pull taunt.  Place a second staple about two inches in from the edge.

Step 12 – Go across to one of the other unfinished sides, pull taunt, and place your third staple.

Step 13 – Go directly across from the third staple, pull taunt, and place your forth staple.

Step 14 – Repeat around the seat leaving the four corners unfinished with about 3 inches of fabric on either side of the corner.

Step 15 – Begin to gather the fabric in the corners much like you would if you were to wrap a present.  Or create small pleats on either side towards the corner (there should be about four pleats per side).

Step 16 – Staple each side and corner.

Step 17 – Flip over and screw the seat back on to the chair frame.

Step 18 – Done.

Get Inspired!


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3 Responses to “DIY: Recovering Chairs”

  1. Coming Soon: DIY Table Runner « bricka brack Says:

    […] bricka brack the nooks and crannies of life. « DIY: Recovering Chairs […]

  2. Jonna Says:

    Nice job, can’t wait to sit all over them! Saucy hardwood floors too!

  3. Andrea Says:

    Where did she get the chairs?

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