Princess Lasertron: Give Away

Hello Readers!

As many of your know, I’m a huge fan (and slightly jealous) of Megan over at Princess Lasertron.  She is an inspired artist of felt flowers and she’s doing a give away!

Megan has been working hard to start a line of her products in her local Omaha store inspired by primary school colors.  She’s also been busy putting together a DIY kit of her felt flower bouquets!  Remember the flowers she did for a wedding a few weeks ago?


Wouldn’t you love to make one for yourself?  In words of Ken Tamplin, “well, you can! Come join me…” over at Princess Lasertron for some bouquet making kits.


Inside is everything you need to create one of megan’s 10″ felt flower bouquets. 


All you need to bring are the scissors.  But what there’s more!  Head over to Princess Lasertron today and leave a comment, you’ll be entered to win a mini felt bouquet kit!


Get Inspired!


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One Response to “Princess Lasertron: Give Away”

  1. Andrea Says:

    I wish I could wear those corsages and boutonnieres everyday!

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