I literally stumbled onto this store just this morning, and what a great find! I’ve heard of ModCloth before but I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually looked through all of their amazing finds.

“ModCloth started as an outlet for a teenage “thrifter.” Susan Gregg-Koger spent weekends and summers in high school thrift-store shopping with friends and found herself unable to pass up a great find in any size. Susan’s closet was soon full of vintage wares she could not wear.

With the help of her boyfriend (now husband) Eric Koger, Susan turned thrifting into a modest money-making hobby by launching a website in 2002. She had a sale the first day.

Six years later, Susan and Eric turned ModCloth into a career. Susan searches the world for small designers and unique pieces that fit her customers’ discriminating tastes. Eric runs the business, using his web expertise to rocket ModCloth to the top of Google searches for numerous hot keywords. ”

Make sure you check out their website and the blog!

Here are few of my favorites from their site:

ModCloth by nataleelpz on

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