FWAPhoto – One Photo A Day

I have to give a shout out to two of my favorite guys.  One and the first being my husband and amazing Graphic Designer Entrepreneur, Alex for giving this idea to Trever and two, Trever for producing the amazing photo to follow.

Alex is a frequent follower of the FWAPhoto a day website and he encouraged Trever to submit one of his photos.  Trever hosted a poll on his blog to have fans pic the photo they thought he should submit.  Now, I’m not going to brag about me picking the winner because though this photo WAS my first choice because of its sheer awesomeness, I picked two other photos from his collection merely because they had subjects in them.  I made the suggestion that the website seemed to feature photos that had human subjects and that he might want to use one of those. 

At the close of the poll, the City of David photo won, fair and square.  And it was posted on the FWAPhoto Site April 15th!  Two amazing things came from this; one, that Trever Hoehne’s photo was picked to be featured and secondly, that his photo is one of the few that does not feature a human subject.  Bravo, Trever.



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One Response to “FWAPhoto – One Photo A Day”

  1. Trever Hoehne Says:

    thanks Nat! I owe your hubby big time!

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