The Alternative

For our wedding last year we did a pastry table, which ended up being a big hit with the guest who were tired of the same, old traditional wedding cake. 


While I don’t think wedding cakes are out, there certainly are some amazing alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.  Here’s a board of a few different ideas.  Click and find your favorite!

Cakes by nataleelpz on


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6 Responses to “The Alternative”

  1. Jonna Says:

    I LOVED your pastry table, it was AMAZING and as tasty as it was pretty!

  2. katelynjane Says:

    I’m really lovin’ that cake in the jar, the one on the bottom. It’s such a cute idea and really well presented (although, it’s a Martha cake…I’m not surprised :)).

  3. megan Says:

    I’m still bummed that I spent too much time dancing and didn’t get that darn fruit tart! ha!

    I agree with Jonna your pastry table was a big hit and super cute/classy.

    I love those martha stewart sorbets. light and yummy. :) plus anything with raspberries is okay by me! :)

  4. natlpz Says:

    @Meg – Isn’t it amazing how that sorbet is shaped like a little cake?!

    @Jonna – Ah, Shucks.

    @ Katelynjane – That is one of my favs! Doesn’t Martha Stewart make you want to quit your job and just create all day?

  5. Justine Says:

    On my fav of these, my head is telling me the lil tirumisu looking dessert with the “A” on them, but my heart says the Donuts!

  6. Unique Wedding Cakes Says:

    These are great wedding cake ideas! I think the only way I would be able to choose would be through a taste test, because visually they are amazing!


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