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Kiss the Groom

April 30, 2009

The wedding rehearsal went swimmingly last night! I am so excited to finish up the flowers today and run around like crazy on Friday.  Christina is totally calm and collected and her fiance Matty is totally keeping everything on track.  There are going to have a great wedding.

And speaking of weddings, I stumbled upon this site just a few days ago (not really sure how!) and I’m loving it. 

kissthegroomlogoWelcome to Kiss The Groom

“kiss the groom celebrates life, love and kisses….through photographs and personal insights….honoring weddings, family and other love stories…this site was created with love by photographer elizabeth messina….Elizabeth is at heart an artist & a true romantic…she is a happily married mother of three & loves bringing a little more beauty & sweetness into the world….we hope you enjoy your visit….whether you are newly engaged, married for years or simply in love with life…..for anyone who’s ever been in love….welcome….may your days be full of love & laughter and lots of kisses….. ”


Check it out and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Party Perfect

April 29, 2009

Sorry I haven’t posted in two days!  I am still recovering from the the Art Show/Road Trip this weekend while trying to balance a wedding this week. I’m so excited to post about Matt & Christina’s Wedding!  We’re doing all the flowers ourselves and I’m just posting this before heading to the rehearsal.  She’s so cute and nervous.

All this talk of weddings has really put me into a party planning mood, so I wanted to share this blog with you.

Party Perfect.  “An inspirational blog dedicated to parties, entertaining, and all things fun and frivolous! I am a…graphic designer, illustrator, designer and mom. I am a former art director for Martha Stewart Baby and Kids magazines. I design for Hicks Paper Goods, which is now part of the Whitney English Company.”

Check out a few of my favorites from the blog:


Benefit Africa:Recap

April 27, 2009

What an amazing weekend.  Who wouldn’t love to spend an entire weekend on a road trip with friends and family in beautiful SLO to attend an art benefit?!


The benefit was a huge sucess.  The space was perfect, creative, and inspiring.  There were over 40 pieces in the show, musicians, circus performers, cupcakes and coffee.  Here are a few pictures from the night:


We were able to raise over $1,000 (in admission fees alone!) for Luke to go to Africa this summer. What a blessing.  Go get ’em Creswell’s!


Benefit Africa: Art Show

April 24, 2009

Hello All!

I had a few spare moments this morning and wanted to remind you all of the Art Show in San Luis Obispo this weekend!  I’ll post pictures sometime this next week, I promise.  I’m so excited to be going on a mini road trip to SLO with some family and friends this weekend, should be great… if you don’t have any plans, you should join.  See you there!


The J.(Wedding)Crew

April 23, 2009

Who knew that J. Crew, could do a wedding just for you?!

It might start out with this gorgeous gown:


Your bridemaids will be ready for a night on the town:


Your groom is up there waiting, looking as handsome as can be:


Let’s get you off to that honeymoon so you can jump into the sea:

honeymoon                                                         honeymoon-2

Check out the entire J.Crew Weddings & Parties Collection, including accessories, shoes, colors swatches, and so much more.

Get inspired!

Blurry Things on Etsy

April 22, 2009

One of my favorite photographers and friends Trever Hoehne, just launched an etsy shop with a few photos from his “blurry things” series. 


Trever is an inspiring photographer with a great eye for composition and color.  He’s created amazing photos with his mad photoshop skills and even recently had one of his photos featured on

Be the first to buy one of Trever’s Photos from Etsy!


April 21, 2009

I literally stumbled onto this store just this morning, and what a great find! I’ve heard of ModCloth before but I’m not sure that I’ve ever actually looked through all of their amazing finds.

“ModCloth started as an outlet for a teenage “thrifter.” Susan Gregg-Koger spent weekends and summers in high school thrift-store shopping with friends and found herself unable to pass up a great find in any size. Susan’s closet was soon full of vintage wares she could not wear.

With the help of her boyfriend (now husband) Eric Koger, Susan turned thrifting into a modest money-making hobby by launching a website in 2002. She had a sale the first day.

Six years later, Susan and Eric turned ModCloth into a career. Susan searches the world for small designers and unique pieces that fit her customers’ discriminating tastes. Eric runs the business, using his web expertise to rocket ModCloth to the top of Google searches for numerous hot keywords. ”

Make sure you check out their website and the blog!

Here are few of my favorites from their site:

ModCloth by nataleelpz on

Shannen Natasha

April 20, 2009

I’ve found a new favorite that I know you all are going to enjoy!  Shannen Natasha is a recent CBU grad (whoot) that happens to be an amazing photographer and new member of Plain Joe Studios.  I found out about her via Trever’s blog and decided to take a little gander at her’s. 


(Ugh, it’s she adorable?!)

She’s an extrememly talented photographer with a great lighting technique and awesome coloration in her photos and yes ladies, she does weddings! Here are a few of my favorites from her blog:


Check her out!

FWAPhoto – One Photo A Day

April 17, 2009

I have to give a shout out to two of my favorite guys.  One and the first being my husband and amazing Graphic Designer Entrepreneur, Alex for giving this idea to Trever and two, Trever for producing the amazing photo to follow.

Alex is a frequent follower of the FWAPhoto a day website and he encouraged Trever to submit one of his photos.  Trever hosted a poll on his blog to have fans pic the photo they thought he should submit.  Now, I’m not going to brag about me picking the winner because though this photo WAS my first choice because of its sheer awesomeness, I picked two other photos from his collection merely because they had subjects in them.  I made the suggestion that the website seemed to feature photos that had human subjects and that he might want to use one of those. 

At the close of the poll, the City of David photo won, fair and square.  And it was posted on the FWAPhoto Site April 15th!  Two amazing things came from this; one, that Trever Hoehne’s photo was picked to be featured and secondly, that his photo is one of the few that does not feature a human subject.  Bravo, Trever.


Creature Comforts

April 15, 2009

spaceballMy husand Alex sent me a link this morning and I haven’t been able to stop staring at this inspired blog! Creature Comforts is a blog by Ez, a woman inspired by style and design.  She has an Etsy and a Flickr that can only be described as clean, bright, and sunny from the inside out.   I hope you enjoy her daily inspirations and add her to your daily reads.  Get inspired!