Benefit: Africa Art Show

My very dear friend is doing an amazingly inspired thing this April and you should be apart of it! 

When she came to Alex and I with this idea we were immediately on board.  Creswell is going to be putting together and Art Benefit for her brother’s trip to Africa this summer.  She’s welcoming all up and coming artists to join her in her endevour to raise money for Luke’s trip to Africa.  For more information about it and to learn how to submit your OWN art piece, check out Benefit: Africa Art Show!


Amazing Design, Creation, Inspiration, and Brains Behind the Outfit by Alex Creswell


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3 Responses to “Benefit: Africa Art Show”

  1. alex Says:

    awww thanks nat… i really appreciate all your support.

  2. Jessica Isaac Says:

    Sheesh! My google reader is so packed full of “Apartment Therapy” that I haven’t even seen your last 4 posts! A travesty! (I feel like I didn’t use that word right…)
    Anyway, I’m going to this!! :)


  3. megan Says:

    So COOL!!! I have been praying for this event! Hope it goes well. I would be there if I didn’t have rehearsal…. I know it will be incredible. Take lots of pictures Nat! :)

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