DIY Silhouetted Walls

As promised here is an INEXPENSIVE and fun way to create gorgeous silhouettes on your walls provided by DOMINO MAGAZINE.


1 quart of black paint

full sized labels (one label per silhouette)

2 to 3 inch thick painter’s tape or masking tape

Step 1:

Tape off the wall in a grid pattern; making the squares as large as you want, but make sure your measurements are consistant. 

Step 2:

Print out the silhouettes onto the full sheet labels and cut out.  Then place them, one in each square.

Step 3:

Begin to paint.  Use paint sparingly; no need to cover the ENTIRE wall with paint.  Just paint within the squares as best as possible.

Step 4:

Let dry.

Step 5:

Remove the grid pattern.

Step 6:

Remove the silhouette labels.  And YOU’RE DONE!


You can also so this with other shapes (flowers, animals, vegetables) and in different patterns such as stripes of one solid strip around the room.  I prefer the lovely grib pattern this design makes.  Such a nice blend of modern and vintage.  Get inspired!


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2 Responses to “DIY Silhouetted Walls”

  1. Jonna Says:

    I really want to do that! I bet the silhouette cutting is a bit laborious. It’s so cute though!

  2. Natalee Says:

    I can totally see that. I guess if you had one of those die-cut machines it would be easier. all the reason to do simple cuts like male ones or ones of kids with short hair :)

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