Please Pray for the Ayotte Family

I received this message early this morning and went into immediate prayer for the Ayotte family: Brent’s brother, Ralph, has been missing since this morning.  He is a believer, but had been struggling with anxiety and discouragement.  He left with only his keys and driver’s license while his wife was at church and has not contacted her or anyone since.  This is something he has never done before.  Please pray for a hedge around his life and for the Holy Spirit to infiltrate his mind, and that he would return home safely very very soon.  Please pray for his wife, Jennifer.  Thank you.

And unfortunately I received this later this morning: This is Brent (Joanne is at school). I just received a call from sister-in-law telling us that my brother was found in the parking lot of a hospital, where he took his life. I’m asking for prayer on behalf of his wife and 2 children and the families of Ralph’s brothers. Thank you so very much.

The Ayotte family is one that is very special  to me, many others, and our church.  As Amber said, “The enemy is a great deceiver.”

While I didn’t know Ralph very well, I know that Brent’s family is most definitely mourning this loss.  Please remember them and Ralph’s Family in your prayers this week. 


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2 Responses to “Please Pray for the Ayotte Family”

  1. Valerie Royer Says:

    I have had personal experience of losing a loved one to suicide and I know how unbelievably heartbreaking it is… All of them will be in my thoughts and prayers. I’m so sorry for your loss!

  2. John Royer Says:

    I have know Ralf for many years I worked with him when he worked for Raytheon
    I knew he was saved i feel such a loss for his family. Ralf was a real good person I am at a loss for words. Since i heard about this, Ralf family has been in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep your eyes focused on Christ. He will pull you through.

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