Phil and Megan’s Inspiration Board


Photography by Megan Flower (MOH)

I am doing a wedding this summer for a couple that I LOVE.  Phil has been one of Alex’s and my best friends since we went to BIOLA 3 years ago.  Phil and Megan met as transfer students at BIOLA and have been friends ever since.  Alex just finished their site so if you want to see the rest of their story, check it out at

The wedding is going to be at Megan’s aunt and uncle’s house with the ceremony and reception outside.  The photographer Shannon Leith (also a friend from BIOLA) is amazingly talented and I’m so excited to see and work with her again. I can’t wait for this wedding:Phil and Megan's Wedding


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4 Responses to “Phil and Megan’s Inspiration Board”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Looks super cute. Can’t wait to see pictures when it’s all said and done!

  2. Candice Says:

    Totally digging the yellow/green citrus palette.

  3. Phil Says:

    Thanks Natalee and Alex! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait!

  4. Real Wedding: Megan and Phil « bricka brack Says:

    […] natlpz Okay! Are you read for this?!  Here is a the beautiful wedding I hadthe great privilege of coordinating this past weekend.  Megan and I collaborated a lot on every detail of the wedding before hand, but […]

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