Anthro, are you following me?

I was totally shocked to see this (thanks for the tip Dre):


You’re kidding right? I just made these three weeks ago? Could it be, that Anthropologie is watching me?  While I find it highly unlikely, it’s kind of a nice thought, considering I just found this template for paper flowers  in February from a Martha Stewart Magazine over a year old!  I wasn’t ever even planning on making felt flowers out of  this pattern?!  Then when the AnthroLovers got together for craft day I thought, “brilliant, I can make these out of felt!”


Come on!  These are totally the same.  And I wonder how much Anthro is selling their little ring for? $12.00.  I’ll make you one if you want for $3.00.


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2 Responses to “Anthro, are you following me?”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Anthro is SOOOO busted!!!!!

  2. Andrea Says:

    AHHHH! Put some bands on those puppies so we can wear them as our “buddy bands” !!!

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