Harvest Women’s Retreat

This past weekend I joined my mother-in-law for a MUCH NEEDED weekend away with the Lord.


We arrived at Murrieta Hot Springs to the open arms of the pastor’s wives of Harvest Christian Fellowship. 

jc-subhead1Upon arrival we received adorable bags with “everything we’d need for the weekend;” notebook, new testament, notes, coupons, etc.  Then we headed to our cute room at Stone Lodge.  This bible college used to be a resort back in the day and they’ve sproosted it up really nicely. Our room was a bright yellow with huge white trim (yeah, you’re all drooling) and two twin beds.  We got settled in and then took a small nap.

Debbie had to be down in the sanctuary for rehearsal so I walked down with her and enjoyed the “smells (hot springs=phew)” and sights of the campus.  It truly was a relaxing and beautiful place.


We had dinner with beautiful centerpieces (I wish I had pictures) and a wonderful message by Catherine Martin.


Catherine got us “Back to the Basics” all weekend with chapters from Jeremiah and Isaiah.  We talked about being a tree by the living water of the Lord, how to have hope, how to have trust, and my favorite part; learning the names of God  (I’d like to do a whole post on this tomorrow, so stay tuned).  I was truly blessed by the passion for quiet time with the Lord she shared with us and the worship from Mary, Debbie, and Sheryl.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing church that is willing to make these conferences happen!


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One Response to “Harvest Women’s Retreat”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Sounds amazing!

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