Compromising Design

In this last issue of Domino Magazine the overall theme was about decorating with confidence at any age.  In your 20’s, break all the rules.  In your 30’s, compromise.  The compromise part is assuming that your married and therefore need to merge yours and your spouse’s decorating styles.   As a 20-something who is married I can’t tell you how true this is.  Marriage is all about compromise.  What are we going to eat?  What kind of toothpaste are we going to use?  How do you put the roll of toliet paper on? Where to put the TV? Where to put the kitchen table? HOW TO ORGANIZE YOUR KITCHEN – that one’s a doozy! I felt, that Domino’s 30’s decorating tips were pretty spot on!

For example,  Alex definitely has a more modern side lavaflow-4-house-exterior-view-with-backyardWhere I have a more vintage sideanthropologie_living_01_2And together we like to call our style vintage modern (yes, I’m first), and it might look something like this:07-01-08-20elle20living20room

Or as Alex commented below, the Alexis Hotel in Seattle, WA – Where we stayed on our one year anniversary. It was a challenge  trying to pick a “style” for our wedding too because we wanted it to be simple, comfortable, enjoyable, and beautiful.  I really felt that with the help of my AMAZING wedding planner Sarah, my bridesmaids, and a few other helping hands,  we were totally able to pull of all those feelings.  After the marriage, we didn’t have an interior designer or a ton of people (besides Creswell) to help us decorate our apartment.  Thus, the compromising began.  After a few months I got use to his need to have everything in its place and evenly spaced.  And he got use to a few thrift store finds I revamped and my constant need to “perfect” everything.   So while marriage may be 100/100; compromise is key.


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4 Responses to “Compromising Design”

  1. Jonna Says:

    You guys have a good combined style (I like the vintage side better. Shhh.). Like that hotel you stayed at in Seattle!

    RIP Domino.

  2. Alex Says:

    I think the Alexis Hotel was a good representation of our style – definitely modern with a vintage foundation (I like that better – OH ALEX – ALWAYS TRYING TO MAKE THINGS BETTER). But all in all – I do have to say you are wayyyy better at making things look complete, comfortable and wonderful than I am; and that’s what counts in a home!

  3. Your Personal Syle « bricka brack Says:

    […] bricka brack the nooks and crannies of life. « Compromising Design […]

  4. Jeanette Says:

    I was just talking to Mom and Sarah the other night about how your wedding is my personal favorite of all I have been too.

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