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Benefit: Africa Art Show

March 31, 2009

My very dear friend is doing an amazingly inspired thing this April and you should be apart of it! 

When she came to Alex and I with this idea we were immediately on board.  Creswell is going to be putting together and Art Benefit for her brother’s trip to Africa this summer.  She’s welcoming all up and coming artists to join her in her endevour to raise money for Luke’s trip to Africa.  For more information about it and to learn how to submit your OWN art piece, check out Benefit: Africa Art Show!


Amazing Design, Creation, Inspiration, and Brains Behind the Outfit by Alex Creswell


Get Involved.

March 27, 2009

Now that things are becoming somewhat regimented for me, I’ve been thinking a lot about getting involved; in church more specifically.  I’ve really wanted to do the Crown Financial Group, but they meet on Monday nights, when I have class.  And the Strenghtening Your Marriage study meets on nights that I have class or Alex is working.  What to do? 

Well, while I think about it more… how about you?  Are you involved?  If you aren’t, then you should be.   The bible says, “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” – I Peter 4:10. 

 Think about that this week while you decide how you’re going to get involved.  And here’s something to jumpstart you… Some designs by Jonna, a dear friend and AMAZING graphic designer serving in the design department at our church.  Ooohhh Children’s Ministry, how about that?


Get Involved and have a blessed weekend!

D*S:Sneak Peak

March 27, 2009

I apologize for the lack of posts this week, readers!  I’ve been rather sick, bogged down with work and school, and helping Alex file taxes for the business.

We’re going to be heading up to Paso Robles to spend the weekend with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Paul’s family on their beautiful walnut orchard (for sure, pictures to come).  Until then,  I’ll leave you with this AMAZING post from Design*Sponge sneak peak: the jewels of new york


Yes, please to the french press coffee on my bed while I lay in my down comforter as the sun comes pouring in before I get dressed and ride my bike down to the public market and pick some fresh flowers, fresh bread, and strawberries ::sigh::

DIY Silhouetted Walls

March 24, 2009

As promised here is an INEXPENSIVE and fun way to create gorgeous silhouettes on your walls provided by DOMINO MAGAZINE.


1 quart of black paint

full sized labels (one label per silhouette)

2 to 3 inch thick painter’s tape or masking tape

Step 1:

Tape off the wall in a grid pattern; making the squares as large as you want, but make sure your measurements are consistant. 

Step 2:

Print out the silhouettes onto the full sheet labels and cut out.  Then place them, one in each square.

Step 3:

Begin to paint.  Use paint sparingly; no need to cover the ENTIRE wall with paint.  Just paint within the squares as best as possible.

Step 4:

Let dry.

Step 5:

Remove the grid pattern.

Step 6:

Remove the silhouette labels.  And YOU’RE DONE!


You can also so this with other shapes (flowers, animals, vegetables) and in different patterns such as stripes of one solid strip around the room.  I prefer the lovely grib pattern this design makes.  Such a nice blend of modern and vintage.  Get inspired!

Please Pray for the Ayotte Family

March 23, 2009

I received this message early this morning and went into immediate prayer for the Ayotte family: Brent’s brother, Ralph, has been missing since this morning.  He is a believer, but had been struggling with anxiety and discouragement.  He left with only his keys and driver’s license while his wife was at church and has not contacted her or anyone since.  This is something he has never done before.  Please pray for a hedge around his life and for the Holy Spirit to infiltrate his mind, and that he would return home safely very very soon.  Please pray for his wife, Jennifer.  Thank you.

And unfortunately I received this later this morning: This is Brent (Joanne is at school). I just received a call from sister-in-law telling us that my brother was found in the parking lot of a hospital, where he took his life. I’m asking for prayer on behalf of his wife and 2 children and the families of Ralph’s brothers. Thank you so very much.

The Ayotte family is one that is very special  to me, many others, and our church.  As Amber said, “The enemy is a great deceiver.”

While I didn’t know Ralph very well, I know that Brent’s family is most definitely mourning this loss.  Please remember them and Ralph’s Family in your prayers this week. 

monograms and silhouettes

March 20, 2009

This post is inspired by one of my dail reads; {Grey} Likes Weddings.  She’s doing a giveaway (that ends Monday) with features amazing letterpress work from {cotton} idea studios; a beautiful store with amazing finds.  I was inspired by the “will you be my bridesmaid?” card with silhouettes of femal busts on it and I’m in love. silhouettes I’ve said it before; how much I love monograms and silhouettes, but I wanted to dedicate a whole post to a few things that make fireworks go off in my head.

 Silhouettes and Monograms
Silhouettes and Monograms – by nataleelpz on

And I’ll leave you with this beauty (a DIY for next week):


Have a great weekend!

Dan In Real Life

March 20, 2009

The movie “Dan in Real Life” is one of my all time favorites!  I’ve seen it about 15 times since we bought it: the story of a single dad of three girls who learns to love again after the passing of his wife.  Of course, there is an added bonus that Steve Carrell plays Dan and who does’t love Marie?  dan-in-real-life-1

One of my favorite scenes is the wedding scene with is rolled during the credits.  I love the live band – Sondre Lerche, who doesn’t love that guy?


I also love the ambient lighting, the streamers, the candles, let’s just say, I love everything about it.  I would love to do a wedding like this someday!  Maybe I’ll steal it for my vow renewal ceremony in 24 and a half years. 

Gosh, today is a total: lay on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate, pop corn, and some Dan in Real Life day. Here’s a clip of the end of the movie. Enjoy.

Anthro, are you following me?

March 18, 2009

I was totally shocked to see this (thanks for the tip Dre):


You’re kidding right? I just made these three weeks ago? Could it be, that Anthropologie is watching me?  While I find it highly unlikely, it’s kind of a nice thought, considering I just found this template for paper flowers  in February from a Martha Stewart Magazine over a year old!  I wasn’t ever even planning on making felt flowers out of  this pattern?!  Then when the AnthroLovers got together for craft day I thought, “brilliant, I can make these out of felt!”


Come on!  These are totally the same.  And I wonder how much Anthro is selling their little ring for? $12.00.  I’ll make you one if you want for $3.00.

Phil and Megan’s Inspiration Board

March 18, 2009


Photography by Megan Flower (MOH)

I am doing a wedding this summer for a couple that I LOVE.  Phil has been one of Alex’s and my best friends since we went to BIOLA 3 years ago.  Phil and Megan met as transfer students at BIOLA and have been friends ever since.  Alex just finished their site so if you want to see the rest of their story, check it out at

The wedding is going to be at Megan’s aunt and uncle’s house with the ceremony and reception outside.  The photographer Shannon Leith (also a friend from BIOLA) is amazingly talented and I’m so excited to see and work with her again. I can’t wait for this wedding:Phil and Megan's Wedding

Harvest Women’s Retreat

March 17, 2009

This past weekend I joined my mother-in-law for a MUCH NEEDED weekend away with the Lord.


We arrived at Murrieta Hot Springs to the open arms of the pastor’s wives of Harvest Christian Fellowship. 

jc-subhead1Upon arrival we received adorable bags with “everything we’d need for the weekend;” notebook, new testament, notes, coupons, etc.  Then we headed to our cute room at Stone Lodge.  This bible college used to be a resort back in the day and they’ve sproosted it up really nicely. Our room was a bright yellow with huge white trim (yeah, you’re all drooling) and two twin beds.  We got settled in and then took a small nap.

Debbie had to be down in the sanctuary for rehearsal so I walked down with her and enjoyed the “smells (hot springs=phew)” and sights of the campus.  It truly was a relaxing and beautiful place.


We had dinner with beautiful centerpieces (I wish I had pictures) and a wonderful message by Catherine Martin.


Catherine got us “Back to the Basics” all weekend with chapters from Jeremiah and Isaiah.  We talked about being a tree by the living water of the Lord, how to have hope, how to have trust, and my favorite part; learning the names of God  (I’d like to do a whole post on this tomorrow, so stay tuned).  I was truly blessed by the passion for quiet time with the Lord she shared with us and the worship from Mary, Debbie, and Sheryl.

We are so blessed to have such an amazing church that is willing to make these conferences happen!