My co-worker and friend Candice,  introduced me to this site JUST THIS MORNING!  She was on a mission to find cheap Anthropologie and stumbled across a blog that listed this site as a match.  Here’s a description of the site:

“RUCHE is a modern women’s boutique with a vintage touch. [They] try to find items that are new, in-style, trendy, yet still inspired by a vintage look. [They] handpick each product to give you the perfect selection of clothing, accessories and more. When you visit, you enter a feeling of comfort and nostalgia.

You will find our items reasonably priced. RUCHE believes that you don’t have to empty out your pocketbooks to look good. We carry various small boutique brands. Chances are you probably won’t find yourself matching with the girl next door.

RUCHE is solely an online-based boutique. We are based in sunny California, USA, but we ship to almost anywhere around the world. ”

So, good and bad.  You can only order on-line, the items are kind of hit and miss, but it’s reasonably priced.  They also have an “outfits” section, just like Anthro and an entire selection of organic clothing

Here are a few of my favorites from the site:





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5 Responses to “Ruche”

  1. Andrea Says:

    Geez I will take one of each please!

  2. Christina Ellis Says:

    Super cute stuff…especially the earrings! I’m kind of an earring addict.

  3. Am Says:

    Yes to the first three dresses please!

  4. natlpz Says:


    I know right?! this store is completely amazing!

  5. Sarah Angelique, Wedding Planner Says:

    How funny, I just bought Mom the earrings with the birds!

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