Oh My Deer, Southern Weddings

This post is inspired by my future sister-in-law Amber and her fiance (my brother-in-law) Chris.  They are getting married this year and have had many hurtles to jump over (which comes with the territory when you are first planning a wedding) but the plans for their dream wedding are coming along!  Ams and Chris I hope this post inspires you even more.  To all you other bride’s out there… check it out and get inspired!

This inspired post comes to you from the NEWLY launched Southern Weddings Magazine


Click here to learn more about the people behind the magazine.

I read about the launch from another site a truly adore: Oh My Deer!  Chealsea and her “Huz” as she calls her Husband (an amazingly talented photographer) are featured on the cover of the first ISSUE!(Amazing photography by Jose Villa). Chelsea is an amazingly inspired woman herself and comes up with “lovely ladies” as she calls her beautiful creations pictured below.  She’s teacher by day and a creator by night.  Her pieces are truly inspiring and quite lovely to look at.


Here is a link to the REAL WEDDINGS featured at Southern Wedding Magazine’s Website.  Check it out, add it to your Daily Reads, and pick up a copy. You can order it online!


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