not just for eatting…

I know this is my third post today, but it would be a sin for me to withhold this beauty from you.  I stumbled across this awesome site for those DIY brides, Once Wed, and I’m truly blown away.  How do people come up with this stuff? It’s unbelieveable!

Now, not everyone knows this, but I am a huge fan of rock candy and a DIY-er so this DIY project with rock candy truly blows my mind. This project would an amazing idea for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower (since they come in all those cute colors), and almost any occassion. In fact, how about just haning on in your house (minus the possible ant problem. ants+sugar=ahhhh!). It doubles as a totally awesome party favor! Or hey, having a desert reception? Let your guest go wild with a major sugar high. The dancing may never stop!


You would never believe that this beauty only cost $8.25 to make!

Here’s a few of the steps:


Here’s a way to use the extra… a party favor tree anyone? centerpieces?


check it out for yourself and get inspired!


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2 Responses to “not just for eatting…”

  1. megan Says:

    I wouldn’t worry about ants getting to such a work of art… I know it would only be a matter of time until ate the whole thing during my sleep one night.

    I can’t do SLO March 27-29 because I am going to be in Colorado. Maybe we can do it a different weekend? Let me know :)

  2. natlpz Says:

    I would eat that in my awake :)

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