the purl bee

beebanner2My new favorite Website!  I just learned about this little beauty today from another one of my favorite blogs, Design*Sponge.  Aparently it’s only been up and running for a few months.  Here’s a description below from the website.

“The Purl Bee is the online journal of Purl, a shop devoted to beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts.   

Inspired by [the] lovely, talented customers at Purl, [they] created the Purl Bee as a way to participate in the wonderfully international conversation that exists between knitters, quilters, and other crafters on the Internet.

At the Purl Bee you’ll find articles, tutorials, and lots of project ideas. BEST OF ALL, you bring your own voice into the conversation by posting comments and interacting with others.


[They] invite you to participate in knitting, sewing, and other projects as they develop in our Project Journals. [They] love to explore new ideas, materials, and techniques, from gorgeous knit stitches to inventive sewing patterns.

The Purl Bee is a resource for technical help as well as inspiration:  you can rely on [their] illustrated tutorials and glossaries to help you navigate new crafts.  Ask Purl Bee offers an in-depth response to common questions about materials and techniques from our readers and customers…” – Purl Bee

Here are a few of my favorite crafts:


Connect the Dot Pillows – “Each pillow in this stack is embellished with its own vibrant embroidery constructed of french knots.  The intricate knots are inspired by scattering seeds, glowing stars, and microscopic plants.  Make your own unique collection of pillows in different sizes, colors, and designs!” – Purl Bee


Embroidered Covered Buttons – THIS ONE IS SO EASY! “These small embroidered buttons are a great way to show off your embroidery skills. The covered button kits make the covering process so simple. You could also make plain covered buttons without the embroidery like I did for the red buttons on my Anna Tunic Project.”<— this is an Amy Butler Pattern, whom I love!


Cashmere Fingerless Gloves – a Jade Sapphire’s pattern


Tulip Socks – “These are very basic socks with some not-so-basic fair isling around the leg.  This tulip garden was so much fun to design that [Whitney] made a Design Your Our Fair Islie Tutorial.”


Apple Picking Tote – “This pretty, rustic, tote is made out of the most amazing loosely woven linen. It’s strength and durability make it the perfect accessory for a day of apple picking but you can use for carrying anything from groceries to books!”


Purl Frong – “[They] named these amiable amphibians Rosemarie and Hilaire, after the friendly neighbor who shared the pattern with [them]… Rosemarie instructed [them] to use mung beans as the stuffing…”

Go Check it our for Yourself!


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