Money doesn’t fix things, family does.

The title of my blog comes from Alex’s Uncle Gene.  We drove out to LA (Gene is staying with Alex’s Abuelita) after work yesterday to see them.  They’ve been in town for two weeks taking a break from all the doctor’s visits they’ve had for Gene’s radiation and stem cell treatments.  Uncle Gene is a man full of gumption and wisdom.  We laughed a lot last night, ate pie and coffee, and talked about the “good ‘ol days.”  He gave us advice on life, finances, and marriage in his own way.  But one thing that stuck out to me was that after our two hours conversation he said, “You could thrown money at a problem all you want… but money doesn’t fix things, family does.”

Makes me wonder why it is that we get so caught up in making money, rather than making time for our family.  Family doesn’t cost much, just time.  It just made me realize that putting aside those two hours last night to sit and talk with him will probably be the last time we do. 

Why is it that we work 40 hours a week and then on weekends and only have time for t.v. shows and friends.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes friends are there for you when the family is in crisis; but truly, family is so important! And thinking of how much time we spend doing other things that only benefit our lives temporarily! Makes me rethink how I schedule my time. 

Just a thought for the day.  Family, does.



One Response to “Money doesn’t fix things, family does.”

  1. megan Says:

    wow Natalee, way to put it all into perspective. I needed that.

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