Moving Weekend!

This weekend we moved out of our first apartment.  We packed everyday after work last week, except Wednesday (LOST takes precedence) and we were able to pack up everything but our cleaning supplies and a few clothing items.  When we got off work Friday we grabbed SBUX and pulled an almost all-nighter.  Taking into account that we would need at least 3 hours of sleep to function the next day, we went to bed at 4:00 AM!  Alex woke up at 7:00 to pick up the UHAUL and I rolled out of bed at 7:30 and finished up a few things.  The kitties had a tramatic experience as we were putting everything in boxes, but I’m sure they’re fine now. Chris and Amber we up bright and early to help us too and we got the majority of it in the UHAUL before Debbie, Wil, my Dad and David showed up to help. 

The funniest part and hardest part of the day was getting the entertainment center out of the office.   It’s going to Chris and Amber but being stored until they get a place.  We built the unit in our apartment and didn’t realize what a hassle it would be to get down the stairs.  It took Chris, Alex, Amber, and our Neighbor to get it down the stairs!  Watching my willing neighbor get his face smashed between the wall and the unit was pretty entertaining and it was nice of him to have a sense of humor about the whole thing considering he wasn’t planing on lifting any heavey furniture that day.

Once we laoded everything we headed to our many drop off points.  C&A to their storage unit, Me and Al to my parent’s house to drop off the fridge and a few other items, And then to Crisa’s.  We arrived at about 3:00 and had to unload all of our stuff and then load all of her stuff that was going to storage.  Luck for us, she had already purchased a storage unit so we just had to drop everything off.  So everyone but Crisa, Amber and I went to the unit to unload everything.  Crisa, Amber and I had the joyful task of moving everything back into the garage and putting all the bedroom stuff in the bedroom. 

Alex called about 7:00 and asked if we wanted to hit up the spa at the Lopez’, yes please.  I think we had about 6 people in the spa and really enjoyed just soaking and talking about life.

Went to bed that night at about 10:00 and didn’t wake up completely until 9:30.  Yesterday, Sunday, we put together out room and Alex’s office, went grocery shopping and cooked dinner.  Oh, and watched Lord of the Rings.   Then it was off to bed at 11:00 and up this morning at 6:15… still managed to get to work late, but I guess that’s what living out of boxes will get you.

Pictures to come and much more exciting news too.

Have a blessed week!



One Response to “Moving Weekend!”

  1. megan Says:

    For some reason I didn’t peg you and Alex as the Lord of the Rings type… :) haha I stand corrected.
    Glad you are all moved in!

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