Chris and Amber’s Engagement Part 2

Here are my favorite photos from the day:

3147860541_7ceb131f1e3147861671_b5369e70183147862907_30b3db68d63147868559_b89da386253147870859_2c7741299f3147873053_b7262b818f3147879333_8fb02d4d553147881707_74e88233e13147882795_b7c864a0473147883263_b4596a626f3147883541_85bbe5cd3b3147885661_627fb500693147891593_f8a74edcb03147891909_98d362c0693147892871_956f3f74093147894105_ffdf7f7f8d3147894341_a5555f46f23147895159_2ea393417e3148693246_c3d28878173148694046_2a2760e85c3148696708_889e5b80403148699572_3be1fc94a73148701078_81df5689863148701766_374bb62c9e3148703366_299dc895f93148708236_12fc4e0f063148709702_1fe97e76c73148710682_1455dc5dfa3148711144_1ea3af69063148716576_1cb9d7d46c3148720750_53b118904f3148722004_f51c04e67eCongrats Again Guys!

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2 Responses to “Chris and Amber’s Engagement Part 2”

  1. Soon to be Mrs. Amber LOPEZ Says:

    LOVE THEM! Did you get my message? I need help uploading all the pics back onto the page. call me. :) Everyone loves the photos. thanks again for doing that. you’re the best (said in a nacho libre voice).

  2. Soon to be Mrs. Amber LOPEZ Says:

    You should include the photo of all us “youngsters.” that’s a cute one.

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