WOTD: Skeezy

The WOTD comes from a few secretary, Candice.  Here is the scoop:

Candice: On a random note, my keyboard has a lot of gunk in it.  It’s kind of skeezing me out. 

Natalee: Could you please provide me with the definition of skeezing?

Candice: Skeezy: adj.  uncomfortable mixture of gross and creepy.  Can also be interpreted as the dry form of “squinchy.”

Natalee: Pretty much amazing…  I think it’s the word of the day.

Candice: What’s even more amazing is the fact that, as teenagers, my friends and I spent months trying to discover something that was truly “squinchy.”

Baked beans and chopped lettuce in a plastic bag that is then poked turned out to be the winner.

BRAVO Candice.

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