Lucy Christopher Laurie

I received a text from Jonna this morning saying that Britney Laurie had given birth to a beautiful girl!   For those of you that know, Christopher Laurie was my pastor Greg Laurie’s son.  He was killed in a car accident just this summer on his was to work at his father’s church Harvest Christian Fellowship.  This accident was made even more devestating by the fact that his daughter Stella’s birthday was that following Saturday and that his wife was pregnant with their second daughter.  Christopher was 33 years old and at the prime of his life.  Now his legacy and love for Christ will love on through his beautiful daughter named for him,  Lucy Christopher Laurie.

Congratulations to Britney for pulling through what I’m sure was a difficult delivery.  Congratulations to the proud grandparents, Greg and Cathy. Congratulations to Unlce Jonathan and Congratulations to Christopher who I’m sure was right by Britney’s side in spirit.  Keep them all in your prayers and praise God!



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One Response to “Lucy Christopher Laurie”

  1. Ams Says:

    Thanks for the text! What a beautiful way to honor her daddy. God is amazing and His blessings never cease. No doubt I will be praying for this wonderful family and newest addition. Can’t way to see photos of her.

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