Happy Birthday Dad!

So this is about a week over due, but last Monday was my Dad’s birthday… he turned forty-something (you’re welcome dad).  He’s a completely incredible guy.  I can’t tell you of a time I ever doubted if he would be there for me or love me.  He’s worked so very hard, holding down three jobs to help pay for high school activities including band gigs, dances, dresses, and Starbucks.  Throughout my childhood (my dad is shaking his head now, because to him I’m still like 8 years old) he provided for my family and sacrificed time doing other things for himself and sometimes even spending time with us so we could do everything we wanted.  It’s weird that while I do wish I had more time with him when I was little, I know he loved me because he worked so hard for us all to experience so much.  I would have never been able to do all those trips, buy those midwinter dresses, or be in so many clubs if he hadn’t worked so hard.  Even though he was busy, he still managed to make time to come to our events, make breakfast every holiday, and get us Del Taco for breakfast every saturday (when we were little my sis and I would go with him to get donuts – they were called “Daddy Daughter Donut Dates”).  He’s touched many lives with his work at the county, his church, and his private practice at home… most of all he touched our lives with his prayers at bed time ending with “I love you with all my heart.” So, here’s to you Dad! Happy Birthday.



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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Dad!”

  1. Alex Says:

    Here Here! (Minus the midwinter dresses – he never bought me any of those! Love you Tom!

    – The Son in-law

  2. megan Says:

    What a beautiful blog post Natalee. I’m sure it meant a lot to your dad.

    Happy Birthday Uncle Tom! Hope the next forty-ish ;) years are just as great!

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