Trevor & Jaymi

This past weekend one of Alex’s childhood playmates Trevor got married.  The wedding was in huntington beach on top of the Hilton. They had 9 bridesmaids and groomsmen.  It was a beautiful wedding and a beautiful day.  Trevor and Jaymi have been dating since their senior year in high school.  About a year ago, Jaymi’s father died.  So this wedding was an extremely emotional time for her and their family.  During the wedding there were two earthquakes and the pastor said that it was Jaymi’s dad stating his approval of this marriage, which was very sweet.

After the wedding we headed down stairs to the Mariner’s Ballroom.  There were three open bars (alex and I got soda) and a ton of white leather chairs and couches for everyone to sit and relax in.  The cake was on a platform and next to it was a photo-booth were the quests could enter, takes pictures, get a print out and then the pictures were burned to a disc for the bride and groom to look at later (like a guestbook).  The dinner was a three course meal that included tomato basil bisque, salmon, filet mignon, and of course cake.  Here are a few pictures form the evening:




One Response to “Trevor & Jaymi”

  1. Jessica Isaac Says:

    How did I miss 3 blog posts! Jeez, you would think I was actually WORKING at work or something!! Anyway, I love love love those pictures of you and Alex. They’ve got personality.

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