the long awaited…

I know. I know. I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve been pretty busy this week. I hung out with Jeannemarie for the first two days of this week, while consisted of midnight runs to AMPM in her feetsie pajamas for nachos and candy.  So naturally I’ve been in a diabetic coma for the past two days trying to recover.  Last night I went to Jonna and Jessica’s to watch Pushing Daisies after shopping with the hubby at H&M (fun!).  

This episode was pretty awesome and to quote Jonna, “There are still good things on T.V.”

So this blog is going to be pitiful one where I leave you with some devastatingly amazing things from Anthropologie. I won’t be blogging tomorrow either because We’re leaving for Arizona tomorrow. Hope to have pictures up Monday. Have a great weekend.

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