Buried Teasures

This week I’ve been on a cleaning frenzy.  Creswell witnessed a bit of it this weekend when I tore through Alex’s office to get rid of junk. I found a bunch of old pictures and funny books and journals that I used to write.  I may actually post a blog tomorrow with the story I wrote… we’ll see.  Anyway, in my quest to clean, I ran across a few of these old pictures that make me smile. For your enjoyment:

This is one of the first pictures of Alex I ever had. I cut it into a circle to fit inside of a heart pictures frame I had.

This is picture of my sister Julie Ann, Me, and Megan my cousin, at VBS in the 90’s.

This one is a gem if I ever saw one.  There may be a few familiar faces in this crowd. Note third from the top left, Alex Creswell.  Two over from her, Elyssa. Bottom Left, Me. Two over from me, Julie Ann. Two over from her, Rikki. Yeah, we are an awesome bunch.  By they way, love the fanny pack Creswell. Awesome. 


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4 Responses to “Buried Teasures”

  1. Jessica Isaac Says:

    I request you post this story you speak of.

  2. Rita Says:

    Yes I would really like to hear it too. Nice photos!

  3. Megan Pickrell Says:

    Oh my goodness Natalee! I totally remember that day at pine summit. I’m not kidding. I remember the chapel, those dorky buttons with our family picture inside and hanging out with you and Julie Ann!! Such fond memories!!!

    P.S. I was basically bald compared to you back then. We look like such happy kids

  4. Alex Lopez Says:

    I love you and your cleaning frenzy!

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