This Friday, Alex, Jonna, Jessica, and I went to Dos Lagos for pedicures, dinner, and shopping. We had $20 dollar pedicures that were amazing and then went straight to Anthropologie (of course Alex went to some manly store).

(Photos brought to you by Jessica’s Phone)

 We walked around and “ohhhhed” and “ahhed” at the amazingness and then hit up the sale section.  Now, I know that I talk about Anthropologie A LOT, but the truth is, I’ve NEVER tried anything on from there  never mind buying anything.  Jonna found some amazing tops for sale right by the dressing room and she immediately tried them on.  I found about five things I truly liked and after much persuasion from Jessica, I tried them on.  

First of all:  The dressing rooms are amazing! They are all white with a mini closet inside of them and a cute little white tree stump to put your stuff on.  I happily stepped inside to try on my first Anthropologie article of clothing.  

Secondly: I loved EVERY SINGLE THING I TRIED ON.  There is something to be said about well made clothing.  Stuff that would have tried on at let’s say TARGET (there is definitely nothing wrong with TARGET, I love that place), that was shaped like any of these items, would have not quite fit or been too baggy in al the wrong places.  This was not the case here.  OMG.

Thirdly: I bought something!!!!! I was so proud of myself.  It’s something simple and you’d probably never know it was from Anthropologie, but WHO CARES?!?!? It’s a cute white blouse, cut square-like in the neck, then the back has an giant bow, and we all know how much I love bows. 

Fourthly: And most importantly. Not only did I try something on, or buy something, it was only $20. Get out of town!


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7 Responses to “Anthropolodesiac.”

  1. Jessica Isaac Says:

    Fun stuff! I would now like to provide some low-resolution documentation of this momentous occasion:

    …how did these get in there…?

  2. keleigh Says:

    ohhhh cooool….i must have missed that phone call to hang out knowing i live like 15 mins from dos lagos!!!

  3. acreswell Says:

    congrats. the pic at the end is classic. you should print it and frame it next to your wedding photos.

  4. Andrea Says:

    Dos Lagos is so dreamy! Jonna and I had a nice little spree there once before! Only we raided Z Gallerie!

  5. Jonna Says:

    That was a good time. I think Alex being ticklish is sealed as one of my favorites memories of all time. Seriously, to see a giant grown meatball bursting out giggling while a tiny korean lady buffs his soles, everyone should see that in all it’s ridiculous glory.

    Also, you must try on something at the Anthro in VG… their dressing rooms are way better than Dos Lagos, surely you will think you are even more of a pimp.

  6. Jessica Isaac Says:

    ps. in case your were wondering, my previous comment had html images in it…so it doesn’t really make sense.

  7. Diana Says:

    Sounds fun, but that pic of Alex getting a pedi is hilarious! Nat you look adorable. :)

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