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Autumn Please…

September 4, 2008

Let me just say,  these hot summer days and nights are not for me.  I’m completely over it.  I personally believe that God puts us through summer to remind us of what hell would be like if we weren’t Christians.  Then he gives us glorious fall.  Let’s talk about those chilly days where you can finally layer those cute tops and scarves.  And those cold nights with sweaters and uber cute boots and tights… the beautiful colors of Fall, which, according my fashion guru Oh Joy! says are brown and blue…. completely agree, you go Joy.   Now, let me introduce you to my favorite fall pieces from Anthropologie,  they are just out with their fall line and let me say,  I will be purchasing something this year, there is no doubt.  These pieces are timeless.  Way to go Anthropologie.

Check out the Anthropologie Fall line and my fashion guru for future tips!