Funny Story…

If you don’t know already, we’ve found a home for Charlie.  All of you have been wonderful in helping us find a home for him.  This past weekend I drove with Jackie up to SLO to help Creswell pack her room (she needed my help for sure), and we dropped Charlie off in Huntington Beach with Jackie’s family.  He’s in love with there home! He’s so happy there! 

Anyway, so of course Alex has really been missing Charlie since he left, realizing that it was the best for Charlie that he be somewhere were he can run and no one really cares if he pees in the house. heh. And I’ve been joking to Alex that we should just get another animal to replace Charlie. Like a fish, rat, turtle, or another cat.  Well, Jack must have overheard us because yesterday, he brought us a stray kitten.  We took him in, as I always vowed to do once I had my own place and saw ANY stray, took pictures of him and planned on making a sign later that day.  When I got home from work, there was a poster in our area for a missing orange cat so I called the number, no answer.  They called back the next day while I was at work and spoke to Alex.  Creswell listened intently while they remained on the phone for quite a while listening to the “uh huh’s.” and “yeses.” Then, when Alex got off the phone he gave Creswell a dumb-founded look.

 “They don’t want the cat.” 


“They posted the sign because they had a neutering appointment for him, then they were thinking about it and their cat doesn’t get along with this one, so they were just going to take him to the pound, but when they found out it was us who had him, and we already have a cat, they wanted to to know if we wanted to keep it.” 

“So, are you guys gonna keep him?”

“Well,  I’ll leave that up to Natalee.”


So, without further delay, I introduce our newest member of the family, Sawyer.

I know right?
Did you really think, I’d let them take him to the pound?


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4 Responses to “Funny Story…”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:


  2. dearmarie Says:

    New baby.

  3. keleighlayton Says:

    im so stoked you get to keep him..he is the raddest cat.

  4. Dad Says:

    Are you sure its a boy? I mean he’s already into toe nail painting. Beside your last cat was actually called Mrs. Peabody until you learned she was a boy. Sorry Jack for telling stories on you, but you’d have to find out someday that your mom gave you one of those sex name change things.

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