I was going through some of my photos on my computer today and realized, I have some pretty awesome picture outtakes.  Most of them are of me, but not all of them mind you.  So, enjoy, but don’t hate me because you’re probably in some of them.

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4 Responses to “Outtakes.”

  1. breefer Says:

    hahahahaha i freaken love them. awkward.com :)

  2. Alex Lopez Says:

    Good times. Good times… Im ready for summo’!

  3. Jonna Says:

    alex in braids = one of the best pictures ever
    alex in curly wig sans bandana = sayid!!

    it also looks like mr. natalee is checking out bride natalee… weirdness!

  4. dearmarie Says:

    Those make me laugh.
    Especially the one where you look exactly like Grnadpa Dan.

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