Dear Marie…

My cousin is in the circus, literally.  She’s apart of the Redlands YMCA circus and she often gets paid to do shows on the side.  She is doing a show in the coming weeks for which she wanted to design her costume.  She’s doing a red halter leotard, fish nets with red ribbon going up the back with bows, and a sewn black flower patch on the leotard.  BEAUTIFUL.  And she’ll totally pull it off.  So anyway, she enlisted my help this past week with a “show stopper” for her hair.  She had looked at some on-line on etsy, an amazing site, and found then to be pretty expensive, so, we decided to make it ourselves.  We got feathers from JOANN’s and made the hair clip from scraps.  It took us a total for an hour to make.  Enjoy!

I know, she’s gorgeous right? Oh, and I dyed her hair too.


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2 Responses to “Dear Marie…”

  1. Alex Lopez Says:

    That’s awesome. You always stinking amaze me Natalee! Resourcefulness yields the greatest creativity – and that’s one of the many things that I love about you!

  2. dearmarie Says:

    Oh stop it.

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