Something to Remember Me By

This past week I met up with Rikki (one of the brides from my recent weddings) at Starbucks with Acres-well (a.k.a) Alex Creswell to talk about the wedding, honeymoon, show her the pictures Keleigh and Creswell took of the wedding.  Now, I know that my part was pretty much done as far as the day of planning went, but I wanted to do something for the bride and groom for them to remember their special day by.  So I took an idea that my wedding planner had done and made it my own.  I had collected the rose petals from the aisle at the ceremony, took them home and dried them. Then I found three spice jars from my IKEA and put the petals inside. Then my hubby helped me create some monograms to go as tags on the jars. Then I tied them with ribbon to match their wedding colors. I was pretty proud with how it turned out!


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3 Responses to “Something to Remember Me By”

  1. Jonna Says:

    Very cute and thoughtful!

  2. Jeanette Says:

    You’re so gifted, to be able to do such creative things like this – Ok, ok, you’re just freaking amazing ok!

  3. bride0909 Says:

    What a GREAT idea! The mementos are really cute-plus stretch the use of the wedding flowers out. Really cool idea:)

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