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Sexy People

August 26, 2008

I was in a bind about what to blog about today, and then my husband showed me this site which will forever be imprinted on my heart. It’s called Sexy People.   And boy are these people sexy.  I am most definitely not exempt from having hideous photos taken in my life, as you may have seen in previous posts, but some of these top the most hideous in all humanity.  I introduce to you my new heros.

Amazing.  You can now wipe (or as Luke would say, “whipe”) your eyes. good night.


Funny Story…

August 25, 2008

If you don’t know already, we’ve found a home for Charlie.  All of you have been wonderful in helping us find a home for him.  This past weekend I drove with Jackie up to SLO to help Creswell pack her room (she needed my help for sure), and we dropped Charlie off in Huntington Beach with Jackie’s family.  He’s in love with there home! He’s so happy there! 

Anyway, so of course Alex has really been missing Charlie since he left, realizing that it was the best for Charlie that he be somewhere were he can run and no one really cares if he pees in the house. heh. And I’ve been joking to Alex that we should just get another animal to replace Charlie. Like a fish, rat, turtle, or another cat.  Well, Jack must have overheard us because yesterday, he brought us a stray kitten.  We took him in, as I always vowed to do once I had my own place and saw ANY stray, took pictures of him and planned on making a sign later that day.  When I got home from work, there was a poster in our area for a missing orange cat so I called the number, no answer.  They called back the next day while I was at work and spoke to Alex.  Creswell listened intently while they remained on the phone for quite a while listening to the “uh huh’s.” and “yeses.” Then, when Alex got off the phone he gave Creswell a dumb-founded look.

 “They don’t want the cat.” 


“They posted the sign because they had a neutering appointment for him, then they were thinking about it and their cat doesn’t get along with this one, so they were just going to take him to the pound, but when they found out it was us who had him, and we already have a cat, they wanted to to know if we wanted to keep it.” 

“So, are you guys gonna keep him?”

“Well,  I’ll leave that up to Natalee.”


So, without further delay, I introduce our newest member of the family, Sawyer.

I know right?
Did you really think, I’d let them take him to the pound?


August 22, 2008

I was going through some of my photos on my computer today and realized, I have some pretty awesome picture outtakes.  Most of them are of me, but not all of them mind you.  So, enjoy, but don’t hate me because you’re probably in some of them.

Dear Marie…

August 21, 2008

My cousin is in the circus, literally.  She’s apart of the Redlands YMCA circus and she often gets paid to do shows on the side.  She is doing a show in the coming weeks for which she wanted to design her costume.  She’s doing a red halter leotard, fish nets with red ribbon going up the back with bows, and a sewn black flower patch on the leotard.  BEAUTIFUL.  And she’ll totally pull it off.  So anyway, she enlisted my help this past week with a “show stopper” for her hair.  She had looked at some on-line on etsy, an amazing site, and found then to be pretty expensive, so, we decided to make it ourselves.  We got feathers from JOANN’s and made the hair clip from scraps.  It took us a total for an hour to make.  Enjoy!

I know, she’s gorgeous right? Oh, and I dyed her hair too.

Amy Butler

August 20, 2008

I’m very into DIY; Creswell will tell you that.  That’s probably why I’m such a huge fan of sewing, and therefore Amy Butler. I haven’t check out her site in a while and I often get too bored to REALLY take a look at it.  Thank goodness I did today because she had a TON a free patterns up. Here are the links to a couple of them! I, of course, love the silhouette patterns and I thought that Creswell and Jackie might enjoy the hourglass pillow pattern given all the amazing fabric you guys picked up this weekend while garage sale-ing.  

Check them out and enjoy a bit of DIY!

Don’t forget to check out her site and browse all of her amazing ideas.  

Get inspired.

What does your handwriting say about you?

August 19, 2008

There was this interesting quiz in this last month’s REAL SIMPLE magazine that I thought would be fun to share.  Now I don’t usually believe in this kind of stuff, but it’s always fun to try new things.

The author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Handwriting Analysis, Sheila Lowe, conjured up this quiz. ENJOY.

STEP 1: Write the following sentence on a piece of paper:I know that this is a true sample of my handwriting. Then sign your name.

STEP 2: Answer the following questions.


1. Which best describes your style of writing?

Print, with breaks between most letters.

Cursive. Letters are almost all connected and fluid.

A mix of both. Some letters are connected; others stand alone.

Strict printing could mean you have a hard time forming attachments. Super-connected cursive means you hold on tight emotionally; intellectually you logical but inflexible. A mix can imply originality.


2. Look at the tops of the letters l and h and the last strokes of the letters m and n. They:

Slant heavily to the left.

Slant heavily to the right.

Are fairly straight and lean slightly to the right.

Slanting represents your gut reaction. A heavy left slant is rare but means your emotions are probably suppressed. Heavy to the right? You cry at the drop of a hat. Straight or slight right slant is well-balanced.


3. Look at the vowels and the letters m and n. How big are they?

Tiny. Shorted than the height of a sunflower seed.

Whoa! Definitely taller than the height of a sunflower seed.

About the height of a sunflower seed.

We’re talking ego here. The earth might revolve around you (big letters), or perhaps you’re focused and less social (tiny), just the size of a sunflower seed? You enjoy the spotlight, but it’s not all about you.

4. Turn to the opposite side of the paper. Can you feel the imprint of your handwriting sample?

Not a bit. Carbon copies never work – I write so gently.

It’s like Braille on the other side!

I can see it, but the amount of pressure I used seems normal.

The paper = the world. Heavy pressure can mean you’re asserting yourself in it. Very light pressure may mean you turn frustration inward. Pressure is just right? You can speak up and show restraint.


5. Compared with the width of the m, the spaces between words are:

Smaller than the width of my m.

Larger than the width of my m.

Almost exactly the same width as my m.

Spacing reflects social boundaries. The close talkers? Definitely tight writing. Large spaces mean you your distance. Spacing is also about organization. Perfect spacers probably own a label maker.


6. The tops of the letters o and a are:

Connected and closed, every time.

Wide open, like open mouths.

Mostly closed, but with the occasional space here and there.

If your a’s and o’s are wide open, your mouth probably is too. What you think, you say. Closed letters mean you maintain privacy. you may talk a lot, but you don’t reveal much. A mix is good – you share just enough.


7. What best describes your signature?

It’s completely illegible. What is that, a daisy? with a tail?

It’s lovely, but it looks nothing like my normal handwriting.

It’s more stylish, but it has similarities to my normal handwriting.

This is how you show yourself to the world. If your signature is illegible, you need privacy and hide your true self. If it’s different from your normal writing, you may not show who you really are to people. Signature similar to your handwriting? What you see is what you get.


Hopefully you all still love yourselves.  Now, wasn’t that fun?


August 14, 2008

This weekend marks the start of crusade season for HARVEST.  Alex has been helping out the design team at HARVEST to get everything ready for this weekend at Anaheim Stadium and he’s exhausted.  It truly was a devastating thing when Chris Laurie was taken up to heaven for the design team. He was their mentor and the visionary for this crusade project.  However, the design team has taken that into full swing; going all out for the Lord with Chris’ vision behind them and I think this weekend will be truly blessed because of it.  If you aren’t going or don’t have a way to get there, please remember to pray. for Greg Laurie as he preaches; that he would be able to use this recent tragedy as fuel for his message. And pray for the design team; that they would feel the Lord’s presence as they enter into this CRAZY weekend.  Hope above all others to pray that people would come to know Jesus and be changed by all that will be done this weekend.

Southern California Harvest 08 with Greg Laurie

Something to Remember Me By

August 11, 2008

This past week I met up with Rikki (one of the brides from my recent weddings) at Starbucks with Acres-well (a.k.a) Alex Creswell to talk about the wedding, honeymoon, show her the pictures Keleigh and Creswell took of the wedding.  Now, I know that my part was pretty much done as far as the day of planning went, but I wanted to do something for the bride and groom for them to remember their special day by.  So I took an idea that my wedding planner had done and made it my own.  I had collected the rose petals from the aisle at the ceremony, took them home and dried them. Then I found three spice jars from my IKEA and put the petals inside. Then my hubby helped me create some monograms to go as tags on the jars. Then I tied them with ribbon to match their wedding colors. I was pretty proud with how it turned out!

Recent Projects

August 6, 2008

So two weekends ago, I think it was, Creswell and I had a creative-mania-fest. We raided JOANN’S and she bought canvases, paints, and some bird houses. So I totally had this vision of silhouettes of animals and I wanted to paint stripes on my birdhouse. Here are a couple pics of my silhouette series and my birdhouse. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out and I now wish I was having a child so I could hang these is their room. But… not really.

Mary & Primo

August 5, 2008

This weekend I helped orchestrate another surprise vow renewal. This time, for my grandma and grandpa-in-law. They were completely surprised and I was so excited that everything turned out so well. My dad did the ceremony and there were plenty of paparazzi, therefore, enjoy!