What Women Want & What Men Need

Ladies, we’re all guilt of this. we expect guys to just know what we’re saying. Let’s be honest, if a guy asked, “what do women want?” our response would have to be, “we don’t know.” Women are multi-faceted creatures, we think so many things at once. At the same time we are thinking, “I look ugly. This outfit used to look cute. What should I cook for dinner? Well i know what I’m not cooking for dinner not that this outfit doesn’t look good.” 

In our moment of defeat we turn to our guys and ask, “does this look okay?”

Startled they say, “yeah, it looks fine.” 

“Yeah? it looks fine?”


What we want to hear is a quick, you look amazing. So how can we get this response? I asked my hubby Alex to comment on the subject (which is the topic of many of our morning conversations) and he said, “Phrasing of the question is key. If you say, ‘does this look okay?’ you’re asking a direct yes or no question. what you should say is, ‘how does this look?’  ‘what do you think about this outfit?’ All of these questions provide the guy with more options than ‘fine.’ or ‘yes.’

There you have it. Straight from a guys mouth. If you want an honest answer ask less directive questions. 

I leave you with a comic somewhat representing what we talked about today. Have a good day.


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One Response to “What Women Want & What Men Need”

  1. dearmarie Says:

    I like that comic.

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