Bring Me Flowers, Talk for Hours

Today, after a long 8 hour shift (I was sad to have missed this Sunday morning service we’re they honored Christopher Laurie and prayed for the Laurie family) I came home to a clean house and a fresh bouquet of roses from my hubby. He was so proud when he came to pick me up from work. I came in and smelled the freshly cleaned carpet, scrubbed floors, and clean bathrooms. I noticed the flowers right away and as I turned to thank him he blushed (well sort of, Puerto Ricans don’t really blush), well gushed. Then I proudly walked around the house and oooed and awed about how clean it was. When I went to the table to look at my bouquet I noticed he had found the vase, cut the steams, and wrapped it all himself. I was so proud I had to take pictures. Be jealous.


Take note of the professional “floral tape.” so cute.


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4 Responses to “Bring Me Flowers, Talk for Hours”

  1. noelle Says:

    this guy’s a keeper!

  2. Jonna Says:

    What a filthy bragger. ; )

  3. bride0909 Says:

    That’s awesome! So sweet- and to put the personal touches like cleaning the house and making the bouquet himself, really shows he put some time & thought into this for you:)

  4. Alicia Dallas Says:

    How sweet!!!

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