Viva Las Vegas

Our mini road trip was so much fun. We left last Wednesday and spent four fabulous days in Vegas with Dirk & Alicia. COLDPLAY was of course the highlight, but we did some pretty awesome stuff in Vegas. Wednesday night we checked into our sweet hotel and just vegged.

Thursday we walked the ENTIRE left side of the strip. It took 5 hours and we were exhausted. The Bellagio was my favorite and was definitely the most beautiful. There was this chocolate shop inside that had a HUGE chocolate fountain and a scrumptious selection of pastries.

Then we went home and got ready to do some clubbin’. Heh. yeah right. We made some reservations at the Ghostbar and it was 80’s night. We arrived and EVERYONE knew Dirk’s name. They lead us right to a table in the middle of the club and two girl stood on either side of Dirk. Then they handed us a menu and told us that we had to order one bottle. No problem right? oh except that each bottle was no less than $200 and more than $1300; not including the 20% gratuity to the waitress! Never the less, Dirk had to tell the waitress that there was no way we could afford this (We’d rather make our monthly rent payments please). So funny, but they made us give up our table and then we had to pay the cover-charge. So what do we do now? Everyone knows who we are and we ended up not being that cool. We decided to stay since the venue was on top of the Palms and you could see everything. It was gorgeous! Then we went back to the room, watched some 48 hours and fell asleep.

Friday morning we checked Dirk and Alicia into the MGM grand and hung out around the pool. Then we did some shopping just outside the strip at this amazing outdoor mall. Then we saw The Dark Knight at this awesome theater called RAVE for $10.00 a pop. The seats were leather recliners with HUGE armrests; let’s just say, I didn’t want to leave. The movie was great! All the actors and the writers made the movie down right amazing. Bravo!

Saturday was THE DAY! We hung out around the pool and then did some shopping for the COLDPLAY concert. COLDPLAY was unbelievable; an amazing performance by every single member of the band. The set was so awesome, the lighting was exquisite, the music was TO DIE FOR! They totally brought it!

What a great way to end an awesome Vacation with great company!


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2 Responses to “Viva Las Vegas”

  1. Alicia Dallas Says:

    Aw…I miss you guys already. :( I hope your day off was amazing.

    P.S. Jacobi’s gone crazy!!! That will be something I will always remember about you.

  2. Megan Says:

    What an amazing trip! I bet Las Vegas was incredible and Coldplay even more so!! I miss you Nat.
    Funny confession:
    So everyone I am friends with at BADA knows all about you and Alex. Mainly because I talk about you ALL the Time! I love you both so much and I can’t wait to see you both!! I move to so. cal. Aug. 16th! wanna hang out?

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