The Trade Rocks

Today we leave for Vegas with Dirk & Alicia to see Coldplay. It’s going to be awesome, minus the scorching sun. I’ve only got a couple minutes before they get here so I’ll make it quick. Sunday was awesome. My brother has a band called The Trade and they are amazing. They played at DAY 7 @ Harvest and totally rocked it. They were only allowed to do two songs and Chris had strep throat, but you totally couldn’t tell. The sounds was great, the lights were amazing, and the band totally brought it. The way they just totally come together on stage amazes me every time. So, while I’m excited to see Coldplay and I’m sure the concert will be amazing, nothing beats seeing my brother rock it out on stage!

Good luck on your mini tour this week guys!

Photo by Kenton Jacobson


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One Response to “The Trade Rocks”

  1. Megan Says:

    Ahhh Viva Las Vegas! I hope you have an incredible holiday (as the english would say)!! I’m sure the coldplay concert will be Epic!

    Tell Dirk & Alicia I said HI!

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