Hubbard Wedding

This last Saturday I did my first day of coordinating! It was quite an adventure and I could not have done it without Sarah, my cousin who is also a wedding planner . And Alex Creswell, again. She’s an amazing photographer and an awesome friend. So here’s the story.

I’m super nervous because this is a friend of mine that I haven’t really talked to in 2-3 years. She getting married and she is pretty organized, like me. And she knows exactly what she wants. So, I asked Sarah for some forms and she walked me through some stuff, which was really helpful. I met with Rikki on the Monday before the wedding to hash everything out. Then Friday morning was the rehearsal. Alex and I drove together and we were both trying NOT to think about the event we had in the evening. We got on the wrong freeway and ended up being 15 minutes late. yuck. 

The venue was beautiful and Rikki had clearly stated to the event coordinator on staff that I was in charge. She ended up being quite helpful at the rehearsal because there were so many things that they have in particular to do. I pretty much let her run the first go around so I could see how it is traditionally done. Dispite a few mishaps with the order of the grandparents, everything went really well. 

Saturday morning, Creswell and I went to Breakfast at the OAMazing Olive Ave Market. Twas quite delightful, but I realized my phone was dying… not so awesome. I had to call the DJ to make sure he had all the equipment he needed and then be on my way. 

Long story, but Creswell and I drove separate cars, which ended up being AWESOME because this happened next:

We were on the freeway and I was blasting my air conditioner, I decided to pass up Creswell when she calls me frantic and says, “your car is smoking.” cool. My car overheated and when we tried to exit the freeway, it stalled on the off ramp. This guy pull up behind me and helped me push the car. Then Creswell called Keleigh that second and awesome photographer to go on ahead because we were going to be late. cool. Then AAA came and the guy gave me a horrible time about how I moved the car and how I made his job really hard because he’d have to tow it from the back. Meaning, I’d have to sign a waver stating that I wasn’t going to hold him accountable if anything happened to my car. cool. So now were on our way in Creswell’s car, which doesn’t have air conditioning by the way. We arrive at Temecula Creek Inn 30 minutes late and then can’t find the room. cool. We rush into the room and then I’m put straight to work. 

As soon as Paula and I got down to the Stone House where the wedding was to take place, we noticed at least three huge things that were completely wrong. cool. So, obviously being the awesome planner that I am, I tell her to go be with her daughter and I’ll take care of everything. So I call the florist. She is a completely horrible and uncooperative person. DO NOT EVER USE THIS VENDOR; Enchanted Florist in Temecula. The work that she did was awesome. However, it was not what the bride wanted and she lied to both the venue, the MOB, and myself multiple times. So I’m on the phone being as professional as I can with this… person, who interrupts me and calls me honey in the most condescending way. I’m just about to get her to come down to the venue and fix her mess when my phone dies. cool. So, I miss my big chance to be awesome. The florist ends up coming down and has already spoken to the MOB who amazingly got a $300 refund out of her. Way to go Paula! But you have to imagine, I’m totally bummed that I didn’t get to save the day. 

Anyway, the rest of the day was pretty awesome. I ran around CRAZY and did everything they had listed me to do. Then I frantically changed into my “planner outfit” and handed out all the order of ceremony to the DJ, Sound guy, and the Reception Staff to ensure we all stay on schedule. Let me tell you, everything was perfect. On schedule? you better believe it. I mean even down to the receiving line. Awesome. The wedding was gorgeous and I can’t wait to have some of Creswell’s pictures up to show you. I’m so glad Rikki and Bryce’s day turned out so perfect. 

The MOB and the MOG were both completely pleased and I of course told them the biggest compliment would be a referral! I love this! 

To top it off, the staff and myself have everything out of there by 10:30 and my hubby picked me up with In-N-Out. So, for my first wedding, I’d say it was a success.


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3 Responses to “Hubbard Wedding”

  1. Alicia Dallas Says:

    YAY!!! I’m so happy for you! You rock, seriously…I am like smiling from ear to ear right now. :)

  2. Noelle Says:

    way to kick butt. let me tell you – if i had known you when i got married i would have SOOOO picked you to be there for me and pull everything together!

  3. Megan Says:

    I really can’t get over what rotten luck you have with cars! I’m so happy everything worked out!! I am also very glad you have a AAA card!

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