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Summertime Eats

July 31, 2008

If you all don’t know by now, I love food. It’s a good thing that I’m friends with people like Crisa and Alicia who know how to make a good meal! On Tuesday we went to Crisa and TJ’s for a completely summer meal. First of all let me just say I love Crisa and TJ. There house is always so cozy and inviting and they definitely know how to make you feel welcome. When it comes to entertaining, Crisa leaves Martha Stewart in the dust. 

Here’s the menu:

  • Potato Salad – with french cream, hard boiled eggs, honey mustard, balsamic, and kalamata olives
  • Butter Lettuce Salad – with string beans and a homemade ranch dressing
  • Mini Hamburgers – with aged (to perfection) cheese on hawaiian rolls and adobe sauce
  • Watermelon Mint Julips – fresh seedless watermelon with fresh mint sprigs, bourdon, lime juice, and sugar all mashed and sifted into a perfect summer drink

As the lights dimmed lower, nothing but the glow from the scattered candlelight lit our faces. It was so relaxing. So we moved on to dessert! Crisa had made lemon ice cream cake topped with homemade strawberry ice cream, lemon ice cream, whipped cream, and lemon zest. uh, yum. Oh did I meantion the French Press Coffee?

Your mouth can stop watering now…


The Little Black Dress

July 30, 2008

Anthropologie has a great selection of dresses this summer, but my favorite is the classic little black dress. What I love about the little black dress is the neutral palate it provides for other colors. Black makes almost every color pop and while it might be too hot on some summer days to wear black, dress up those cool summer nights with this outfit:

What Women Want & What Men Need

July 29, 2008

Ladies, we’re all guilt of this. we expect guys to just know what we’re saying. Let’s be honest, if a guy asked, “what do women want?” our response would have to be, “we don’t know.” Women are multi-faceted creatures, we think so many things at once. At the same time we are thinking, “I look ugly. This outfit used to look cute. What should I cook for dinner? Well i know what I’m not cooking for dinner not that this outfit doesn’t look good.” 

In our moment of defeat we turn to our guys and ask, “does this look okay?”

Startled they say, “yeah, it looks fine.” 

“Yeah? it looks fine?”


What we want to hear is a quick, you look amazing. So how can we get this response? I asked my hubby Alex to comment on the subject (which is the topic of many of our morning conversations) and he said, “Phrasing of the question is key. If you say, ‘does this look okay?’ you’re asking a direct yes or no question. what you should say is, ‘how does this look?’  ‘what do you think about this outfit?’ All of these questions provide the guy with more options than ‘fine.’ or ‘yes.’

There you have it. Straight from a guys mouth. If you want an honest answer ask less directive questions. 

I leave you with a comic somewhat representing what we talked about today. Have a good day.

Funny Lefthanded Cartoons

July 28, 2008

My photographer friend Jessica Grady recently posted a “lefthanded cartoon” that I thought was to die for. I checked out the website and found some pretty amazing comic strips. Thought I’d share a couple of them with you.


Bring Me Flowers, Talk for Hours

July 27, 2008

Today, after a long 8 hour shift (I was sad to have missed this Sunday morning service we’re they honored Christopher Laurie and prayed for the Laurie family) I came home to a clean house and a fresh bouquet of roses from my hubby. He was so proud when he came to pick me up from work. I came in and smelled the freshly cleaned carpet, scrubbed floors, and clean bathrooms. I noticed the flowers right away and as I turned to thank him he blushed (well sort of, Puerto Ricans don’t really blush), well gushed. Then I proudly walked around the house and oooed and awed about how clean it was. When I went to the table to look at my bouquet I noticed he had found the vase, cut the steams, and wrapped it all himself. I was so proud I had to take pictures. Be jealous.


Take note of the professional “floral tape.” so cute.


July 26, 2008

Let me just say that I was never a huge fan of orange. Creswell totally turned me on to it with her post about Antropologie’s orange collection. I also did a painting this past weekend with a peach orange background and I honestly haven’t been able to get orange out of my mind. So in the spirit of orange I give you my award winning Anthropologie outfit. Orange you glad I shared?

Chris Laurie

July 25, 2008

Please pray for the Laurie family. Christopher Laurie, son of Pastor Greg Laurie and Cathe Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, died Thursday morning in a car accident. A resident of Huntington Beach, Laurie, 33, served as the art director at Harvest Christian Fellowship for the past three years. In addition to his parents, Christopher is survived by his wife, Brittany, and daughter, Stella, as well as his brother Jonathan. Christopher and his wife are expecting another daughter in November. 

It truly is a disturbing thing. There’s no way our minds can comprehend it. I believe it’s because we weren’t meant to understand it. When the Lord made us, he made us perfect, then sin crept in and tainted God’s perfect world. We were never meant to die which is why its so hard for us to understand when a loved one does die. We’ll never know why the Lord chose to take him now, but at least we know he’s in heaven. You know, there are some things that we aren’t meant to understand because we, being man, would have no way to make it reasonable, which is what we as humans need to do to understand things. There are some things in life we just have to accept and “beyond our comprehension.” That for some reason the Lord is shielding us from this understanding because we would not be able to bear the weight of it.

For more information on what you can do to help, please visit

Charlie needs a new home.

July 24, 2008

Well folks, we love this dog. Unfortunately we just don’t have enough time or patience. He’s doesn’t take much, but with running your own business during the day and me doing accounting when I get home from work… it’s too much to train him properly. Right now he’s an inside dog and he’s learning to be house trained. He’s lovable, great with other animals, and kids, playful, quiet… he’s amazing. We just can’t give him the attention he needs. He’s a doxie/retriever mix so he’s small and smart! If any of my readers is interested, we’d love to place him in a good home with a small backyard or at least a place where he can play.

Viva Las Vegas

July 21, 2008

Our mini road trip was so much fun. We left last Wednesday and spent four fabulous days in Vegas with Dirk & Alicia. COLDPLAY was of course the highlight, but we did some pretty awesome stuff in Vegas. Wednesday night we checked into our sweet hotel and just vegged.

Thursday we walked the ENTIRE left side of the strip. It took 5 hours and we were exhausted. The Bellagio was my favorite and was definitely the most beautiful. There was this chocolate shop inside that had a HUGE chocolate fountain and a scrumptious selection of pastries.

Then we went home and got ready to do some clubbin’. Heh. yeah right. We made some reservations at the Ghostbar and it was 80’s night. We arrived and EVERYONE knew Dirk’s name. They lead us right to a table in the middle of the club and two girl stood on either side of Dirk. Then they handed us a menu and told us that we had to order one bottle. No problem right? oh except that each bottle was no less than $200 and more than $1300; not including the 20% gratuity to the waitress! Never the less, Dirk had to tell the waitress that there was no way we could afford this (We’d rather make our monthly rent payments please). So funny, but they made us give up our table and then we had to pay the cover-charge. So what do we do now? Everyone knows who we are and we ended up not being that cool. We decided to stay since the venue was on top of the Palms and you could see everything. It was gorgeous! Then we went back to the room, watched some 48 hours and fell asleep.

Friday morning we checked Dirk and Alicia into the MGM grand and hung out around the pool. Then we did some shopping just outside the strip at this amazing outdoor mall. Then we saw The Dark Knight at this awesome theater called RAVE for $10.00 a pop. The seats were leather recliners with HUGE armrests; let’s just say, I didn’t want to leave. The movie was great! All the actors and the writers made the movie down right amazing. Bravo!

Saturday was THE DAY! We hung out around the pool and then did some shopping for the COLDPLAY concert. COLDPLAY was unbelievable; an amazing performance by every single member of the band. The set was so awesome, the lighting was exquisite, the music was TO DIE FOR! They totally brought it!

What a great way to end an awesome Vacation with great company!

The Trade Rocks

July 16, 2008

Today we leave for Vegas with Dirk & Alicia to see Coldplay. It’s going to be awesome, minus the scorching sun. I’ve only got a couple minutes before they get here so I’ll make it quick. Sunday was awesome. My brother has a band called The Trade and they are amazing. They played at DAY 7 @ Harvest and totally rocked it. They were only allowed to do two songs and Chris had strep throat, but you totally couldn’t tell. The sounds was great, the lights were amazing, and the band totally brought it. The way they just totally come together on stage amazes me every time. So, while I’m excited to see Coldplay and I’m sure the concert will be amazing, nothing beats seeing my brother rock it out on stage!

Good luck on your mini tour this week guys!

Photo by Kenton Jacobson