Moving In

My cousin David is moved in with my parents this weekend and as a “welcome home” present, they wanted to redecorate his room. Of course, not wanting to make my brother jealous they chose to do some redesigning in his room as well.  I told my mom if she wanted help or advice that I would love to help. 

I spent two days there with them redecorating and painting. I started out with white walls in David’s room and Green walls, Maroon trim, and a Kaki ceiling in Jonathan’s room. I was at quite a loss for Jonathan’s because he wanted to keep the green.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the hue or green, so I struggled to figure out what to do. 

I had seen Vern on Trading Spaces three years ago do a living room in a dark wine color and then tape of stripes vertically in the the room. He then got a high gloss paint (clear) and painted every other stripe. The result was beautiful when they installed the chandelier, because the light reflected off the wall so well. 

I knew I wanted to do that in David’s room because he wanted his room to be black. David loves black. I wanted to do it for him but I couldn’t bring myself to do the entire room black. So we chose one wall and on the one wall we did the glossy stripe. 

Jonathan saw this and wanted to do it as well. I thought, let’s see… I already do like the green so the last thing I want to do is draw more attention to the green by doing a ton of glossy stripes around the room and make it look like a green circus tent. So I said, why don’t we do racing stripes around the room. We’ll do two of them and then your room will look like a green mustang with a racing stripe! He loved the idea, but then he said, why don’t we do it black. GENIUS. We painted the stripes black and then also did the ceiling black and the door black. He’s going to put glow in the dark stars on his ceiling to give the illusion of a “sun roof in a car.” He’s pretty creative that one. 

I talked my mom into going to IKEA with me for the furniture. She really doesn’t like IKEA, but when she saw my house (which is all IKEA stuff), she thought she’d give it a try. She bought almost everything there. And even though I wasn’t there to help her pick out everything, I was pretty proud of what she ended up getting. Way to go mom. 

Here are the after pictures from my dinky canon power-shot. I had before ones, but I accidentally deleted them. Bummer! 

Enjoy!Bedding from IKEA

TV stand, Shelf, Lamp, Trash Can, & Rug from IKEA

Bedding, Lamp, Roman Shade from IKEA


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3 Responses to “Moving In”

  1. Alicia Dallas Says:

    You’re a genius!!! Those rooms look awesome! Maybe you should be an interior designer!!! P.S. Check my blog. I found some fairly cute, fitted Coldplay shirts. Thought you might be interested :)

  2. Megan Says:

    I’m not gunna lie, I thought those were pictures you had pasted from TLC’s Trading Spaces website… You have a true artistic eye!! The rooms turned out wonderfully! Great job Nat!

  3. Mom Says:

    You are amazing, sweetie! Thank you for all your wonderful input and patience as we were doing this. You are SO CREATIVE!

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