Business Woman

I work at a small place called the Olive Avenue Market. My aunt is the owner there along with three other wonderful ladies. I came on over a year ago as a barista and inventory guru. I’m now the FOH Manager and the Accounts Payable Manager. It’s stressful at times, being in charge of so many people and the books, but I thrive on it. Today was such a full day! I love going home realizing that I didn’t get everything done and looking forward to finishing it tomorrow. These dead end jobs where you show up and just do your job might work for some, but for me; I live for the unattainable. 

Today was a day of creativity and brainstorming. I love those days. The four of us sat around and discussed ways to bring more traffic into the market. These women (my bosses) are so creative! I loved all their ideas and I was so stoked they wanted my opinion. Let me just say, working with other women is awesome! Rephrase: working with LEVEL HEADED women is awesome! These three have grown so much this 1st year we’ve been open and I am proud to be apart of it. The creative juices flowed today as we talked about picnic baskets, more bakery items, dinners, rearranging the store for better traffic flow and lighting up the place, menu redesign & website redesign. Talk about a full days work! It amazes me how collaborative women are and so supportive of each other. Bravo ladies. 

And to top it off, when I came home from work today, my husband had cleaned the house. Take that.


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3 Responses to “Business Woman”

  1. Megan Says:

    Leave it to Natalee to Get ‘Er Done!

  2. richerich06 Says:

    What type of business women are you???

  3. Alicia Dallas Says:

    Yay! It sounds like some of your desires for the store are coming true. What an exciting turn around! Keep us updated. :)

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