Camera to Canvas.

So, I’m a newlywed and that means EVERYONE and their mother asks to see pictures from my wedding. I just recently decided to print some out and found out some awesome stuff about getting your photos printed.

Here’s the thing. In this day and age printed photos is a lost art. It’s pretty amazing what you can do with the high quality photos from your small digital camera. It’s neat to see your pictures on myspace or where ever, but think back… what was your favorite thing about going to Grandma’s house besides to cookies. It’s pulling out those old photo albums and looking at all the pictures. So here’s a challenge. Why not make it a special project to print out photos every three months?

What is so amazing about technology today is you don’t even have to go into a store to get them printed anymore. most places have a link on their website that allows you to upload your pictures straight to the photo lab and pick them up in an hour or the next day. 

Here’s links to a couple places that allow you to upload pictures and print them out at a store near you!

Ritz Camera Photo Center

Costco Photo Center

WalMart Photo Center

Walgreens Photo Center

I guess it’s not exactly Camera to Canvas… but it rhymes.


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